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Moment to Movement: What Will it Actually Take?

06.18.2020 | Alexandra Quinn

Our commitment to Black lives, and to racial and health equity, is as strong as it ever has been. We are outraged at the senseless killings and countless stolen or abused Black lives over many generations. For many of you who know our work, or have read our mission and vision, this outrage may seem obvious. But what is less obvious is the tension that exists in fighting for that systemic change. 


Flattening the Next COVID-19 Curve – Our Essential Resources

04.13.2020 | Alexandra Quinn

The impact of this pandemic extends far beyond the illness itself – and right now, another demand curve shows the secondary impacts of COVID-19 are already starting to surge. The economic fallout has already started to expose our systems’ deepest flaws, fractures and inequities, but we can take action now to respond and rebuild.