Health Leads believes college students can change families’ lives while changing our country’s healthcare system. We see it at our clinic partners every day — Health Leads Advocates connecting families to the basic resources they need to be healthy.

Catalysts for Change

Every family deserves the basic resources they need to be healthy. Health Leads Advocates believe this — and they work to make it happen. Advocates from top universities volunteer their time, committing at least 8 hours each week for a minimum of two semesters.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Through their work with Health Leads, our Advocates develop the skills, knowledge, conviction, and experience that position them to be leaders in the healthcare system of the future — a system that improves health, not just manages disease.

Apply to be a Health Leads Advocate

If you are a student at one of our partner universities, you can apply to be an Advocate using the dropdown menu below.

If your university is not listed, we are not currently accepting applications.  Contact your local field office to learn more.


Central to our strategy is our commitment to building the next generation of leaders in healthcare. By providing college students with a transformative experience in clinics serving primarily low-income patients, Health Leads seeks to cultivate their conviction and ability to champion quality care for all patients.

Champions of Quality Care

Today, thousands of Health Leads alumni pursue a wide range of careers with a unique perspective on healthcare delivery and the full set of factors that impact patients’ health. They work as healthcare providers, clinical researchers, community health workers, policy experts, pharmaceutical executives, hospital administrators, and many other roles in and out of the healthcare system. Together, they form a powerful network for redefining healthcare in America.
Health Leads alumni have:

  • Designed comprehensive social services for patients at Harvard Medical School’s new student-faculty collaborative health clinic
  • Created a multi-year curriculum on health and poverty at University of Michigan Medical School
  • Researched racial disparities in the use of technology for palliation of metastatic cancer
  • Studied the effects of electronic medical records on health disparities
  • Coordinated global HIV-drug access initiatives at Pfizer
  • Spearheaded the Children’s Defense Fund’s Health Coverage for All Children Campaign
  • Created community fitness programs for Major League Soccer
  • Staffed Doctors Without Borders’ antiretroviral projects in South Africa

Health Leads gives people who will be leaders in various fields a vivid understanding of the preventative healthcare system—or lack thereof. For me, Health Leads was the beginning of a lifelong addiction to making an impact on this field.”

Dr. Marc Manseau, NYU Langone Medical Center