Last month, CEO Rebecca Onie delivered the commencement address at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.  The audience of over 3,000 people included graduating medical students, parents and family of graduates, and UCLA faculty and leadership.

At this moment in time – a time when, as Rebecca mentions, – healthcare will finally “decide what it’s going to be when it grows up”, these students, and thousands of other graduating medical students across the country, will be key contributors to creating this 21st century healthcare system.  In her speech, Rebecca encouraged graduates to capitalize on the unconventional, yet powerful, assets they will bring to the healthcare field:

  1. Newness to the sector. Where others, who’ve been steeped in problems for decades see roadblocks, these students will see opportunity – opportunity to deliver care in new, unconventional ways that meet patients’ true needs.
  2. An ability to see the “simple” answers. Transformative change can often be quite simple.  And in a system that is far from that, the best answers are often the most straightforward.

It is these same assets that have helped make Health Leads successful over the last 18 years, and what will also make our new corps of physician leaders key actors in the changes currently taking place in healthcare.  Rebecca concluded with a clear message to graduates:

[You] must pursue the vision you have: for yourself, for your patients, and for the healthcare system. Getting there will require extraordinary leadership. Leadership that is unrelentingly disruptive, unafraid to ask the tough questions, and unhesitating in addressing the realities of patients’ lives. But if we together act now to pour our most deeply held convictions and our precious time and resources into these practical, simple solutions that work, we can move at last from imagination to implementation.

Listen to Rebecca’s full commencement address.  Learn more about UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

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