Kelly Doran, a 2002 Harvard graduate and Health Leads alumna, is a physician in the emergency department at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City.  We recently caught up with Kelly to learn more about her experience with Health Leads. Tell us about your time as an Advocate? I began working with Health Leads in… Read More >

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This week’s news: scaling what works, why technology will continue to play a critical role in 21st century healthcare, and investing in communities.  Enjoy! “Connected Health Opportunities For Medicaid’s Most Vulnerable Patients” Health Affairs, April 22nd, 2014 A series of Pew Research Center studies showed that 43 percent of individuals making less than $30,000 per… Read More >

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In a recent segment of American Public Media’s Marketplace, “What to do when healthcare isn’t enough”, CEO Rebecca Onie and other healthcare experts discuss the financial incentives driving health systems to pay for services that have historically been considered outside the scope of traditional care. At a time when the healthcare sector is compelled to… Read More >

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Is the push to persuade medical students to become primary care docs working?  How does an ACO help patients and reduce costs?  What’s the business case for investing in early childhood development?  Check out some headlines from the news this week: “FAQs on ACOs: Accountable Care Organizations, Explained” Kaiser Health News, April 16, 2014 ACOs… Read More >

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