Patricia was on an unexpected medical leave from work and struggling to access community benefits on her own. She learned of Health Leads through her sister, who had been referred a few weeks earlier by her doctor and worked with an Advocate to obtain health insurance for her child. As she continued to struggle to… Read More >

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In “Solving It”, the most recent episode of TED Radio Hour, an NPR program that revisits influential TED talks, Rebecca Onie and other leaders share their ideas on how to solve some of the most pressing systemic challenges in the United States. Health Leads was born of conversations with doctors who, again and again, described… Read More >

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Ever since I can remember, I have felt a strong pull toward community service and civic engagement.  Upon arriving at college, however, I suddenly found myself without a cause or project in which to invest myself. It was at this time that my peer advisor, and fourth-year Advocate, first mentioned Health Leads to me, and… Read More >

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Do-It-Yourself Health

The [healthcare] sector is no longer asking whether it is necessary to address the realities of patients’ lives as an integral part of care delivery, but rather how to do so effectively. Rebecca Onie highlights this and other important shifts in the global conversations on health in her recent op-ed “Do It Yourself Health” on… Read More >

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