We are at a turning point in American healthcare.  For far too long, we have considered health and healthcare one and the same when in reality good health reaches far beyond the doctor’s office.  In the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2014 Annual Letter, President and CEO Risa Lavizzo-Mourey emphasizes the Foundation’s commitment to supporting the… Read More >

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A new article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Doctor’s Team Will See You Now,” discusses the shift many practices are making to provide patient care through a healthcare delivery team, rather than through a single clinician.   An increasing number of practices are now dividing up responsibilities between members of the healthcare team in order… Read More >

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Health Leads was recently invited to participate in Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Total Health webcast, Connecting Patients & Social Support for Better Health. This webcast, part of the Center for Total Health’s Technology Focus series, showcases innovative technology solutions in healthcare as a resource to Kaiser staff and other key stakeholders. Kaiser providers from across… Read More >

Jocelyn Howard, a 2013 graduate of Columbia University and a Health Leads alumna, is currently working as a consultant for the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County.  Recently, Jocelyn shared her Health Leads story and how it impacted her career plans.   As I walked through campus during my first winter at Columbia, a poster… Read More >

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