Stephanie Lin, a 2012 graduate of MIT and Health Leads alumna, is currently working toward a Masters of Philosophy in Evidence-based Social Intervention as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in the UK.  Inspired by her work at Health Leads, Stephanie was interested in understanding how public health interventions might counteract some of the socioeconomic challenges… Read More >

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What if we changed the way we think about the most familiar, traditional parts of the healthcare system—the prescription pad, the waiting room, the pre-visit paperwork—and created a new framework for how we care for patients?  In a recent interview with Boston WGBH’s Innovation Hub, Rebecca Onie answers this, along with other important questions about… Read More >

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On September 12th, Health Leads Chief of Staff Sonia Sarkar took part in the TEDMED Great Challenges Google Hangout, “Where Health Begins,” to discuss the role social determinants play in patients’ health.  Special guest Mindy McGrath, Director of Government Relations at the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC), kicked off the discussion by sharing the… Read More >

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Last year on the TEDMED stage, Rebecca Onie asked a bold question: What if our healthcare system actually kept us healthy?  She urged the audience to consider the possibility of a new kind of healthcare system, a system where patients’ non-medical needs—access to nutritious food, safe housing, and heat in the winter—are addressed in conjunction… Read More >

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