The accomplishments of 17 graduating seniors (left) of Brown University in assisting hundreds of Rhode Island families to realize healthier futures were cause for celebration on May 25. The event was attended by members of the Providence community, Hasbro Children’s Hospital staff,  and family and friends of the graduates.

Explaining why he takes such pride in Health Leads’ volunteers Executive Director of Health Leads Providence Adam Shyevitch said, “because of their service, and what their service is making possible: a compelling case for a new kind of healthcare system, a system that treats basic resource needs as a standard part of patient care.”

Dr. Adam Pallant, Director of the Pediatric Residency Program at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, commended the students for their service to the families of the Hasbro Children’s Hospital, detailing numerous instances where they enabled him to improve the care he delivered. Next in the program, Iñaki Arbeloa gave a moving tribute to the entire Class of 2012 and said the most important lesson he learned volunteering with Health Leads was the value of a good team:

“If you want to change the world in some way, make a good team. Surround yourself by people who are at least as passionate, as excited, as talented, and as committed as you are, if not more. Find people who are enthusiastic in their agreement and respectful in their disagreement, but always clear and honest. Trust them, share your frustrations and, as we say here, ‘celebrate your victories and each other’.”

Rebecca Onie, Health Leads Co-Founder and CEO, encouraged the graduating seniors to take the lessons and values they learned with Health Leads with them into their future careers. Many will be going into the medical field. Theresa Li, Nicole Noronha, Amed Logrono, and Eddie Re will soon be starting at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, while Nicole Damari will be finishing an MS in Biology at Brown before attending medical school.

Approaching health from different directions, Iñaki will be moving to San Francisco to work with Acumen, LLC, a research and consulting firm focused on health, social and labor policy; Amalia Gonzalez will be working with Clarion Healthcare, a healthcare consulting firm; Amy Traver has a Villers Fellowship and will work with Families USA, a health advocacy organization; and Jacob Murray is joining AmniSure International, a medical device startup.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012! May the lessons and values they’ve learned with Health Leads serve as the foundation for their future careers.