The accomplishments of 17 graduating seniors (left) of Brown University in assisting hundreds of Rhode Island families to realize healthier futures were cause for celebration on May 25. The event was attended by members of the Providence community, Hasbro Children’s Hospital staff,  and family and friends of the graduates. Explaining why he takes such pride in Health Leads’ volunteers… Read More >

Rob Ali, a recent graduate of Boston University, still remembers working with his first client on his first day volunteering with Health Leads in the Boston Medical Center Pediatrics program. “This nice lady sat down, and I immediately panicked because everything I had learned the week before at training just flew right out of my head,” he said.… Read More >

18-year-old University of Maryland-College Park (UMD) sophomore Raaheela Ahmed recently won the primary election for a seat on the Prince George’s County School Board of Education. “Passion for serving was ingrained in me as a young child,” said Raaheela Ahmed. “I know that to be a good leader, you have to serve.” Her passion for service motivated her to… Read More >