Next week, join Health Leads Co-Founder and CEO Rebecca D. Onie and other health care leaders for the “Health Care’s Blind Side” Webinar – Integrating Patients’ Social Needs Into Health Care Delivery hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). During the webinar, Rebecca will discuss the Health Leads model and the importance of addressing patients’ basic resource needs… Read More >

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Since 2001, Health Leads has partnered with The Diana L. and Stephen A. Goldberg Center for Community Pediatric Health at Children’s National Medical Center. The clinic provides invaluable support for our program, including the expertise and guidance of its physicians, nurses, social workers, and other providers.  They recognize the critical importance of social needs in their… Read More >

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For Cynthia Osman, M.D., Health Leads’ model is integral to her standard of patient care…and always has been.  During her residency program at Boston Medical Center (then Boston City Hospital), she first encountered Health Leads through co-founder Barry Zuckerman, M.D., and other leaders of her program.  She says, “They were all very invested in this model of… Read More >