Congratulations to two Health Leads Boston volunteers who were named Rhodes Scholars over the weekend – Stephanie Lin and Victor Yang. Stephanie Lin is a senior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who began volunteering with Health Leads Boston at the OB/GYN Clinic within Boston Medical Center in the Spring of 2009. During the Fall of 2010, she co-founded the resource team… Read More >

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Over the next year, Asha Strazzero-Wild, National Director of Programs, will be leading the development of our alumni engagement strategy.  Asha and Amy Lazarus, Executive Director of Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, recently co-led a gathering of non-profit leaders thinking about alumni strategy in Washington, D.C. with organizations such as Teach for America, New Leaders, and Education Pioneers.  We are… Read More >

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Once Health Leads volunteers start working with patients, they quickly learn that health is dependent on many factors. Living conditions and neighborhoods impact health as much as genetics. Health disparities between neighborhoods are apparent throughout much of Boston and are especially acute in some neighborhoods, including many served by Health Leads volunteers. The Wellness Trail,… Read More >

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Congratulations to Kurt D. Newman, M.D., who earlier this fall, was elected as President and Chief Executive Officer of Children’s National Medical Center, our clinical partner in Washington, D.C.  He has been with Children’s National for 27 years and is a dedicated advocate of Health Leads.  Dr. Newman outlined his vision for the future during his… Read More >

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“Health Leads has really allowed [the Harriet Lane Clinic] to address the needs of the family,” says Barry Solomon, M.D., MPH, Medical Director at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Harriet Lane Clinic in Baltimore. One of the hallmarks of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s Harriet Lane Clinic is its commitment to partnering with patients’ families for integrated… Read More >