In David Bornstein‘s New York Times Fixes column, “Treating the Cause, Not the Illness”, he reflects on how “the health care system remains senselessly disconnected from the ‘social determinants of health’” since the lack of resources like food and heat are often overlooked as reasons for poor health. He goes on to offer a ‘fix’: Health Leads. Bornstein talks… Read More >

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Rebecca Onie, CEO and Co-founder of Health Leads, talked with The Atlantic recently about Health Leads’ work to connect families with critical resources they need to be healthy. In the article, Rebecca names three people to her own public health Hall of Fame, including Atul Gawande (right), who is a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He… Read More >

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As temperatures soar into the 90s and past 100 in many parts of the country, the heat and humidity in Washington, D.C can be dangerous for some people. Theresa Vargas from The Washington Post said this is where Health Leads can help. She spoke to LaToya White, Executive Director of Health Leads D.C. at Children’s National Medical… Read More >

Summer is a unique time of the year at Health Leads New York, when a community of dedicated students works to reach ambitious goals for Health Leads’ impact in New York. This summer we have 28 Summer Fellows from Boston University, The City College of New York, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and New York… Read More >

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On Thursday, July 7, crews from WJAR NBC News in Providence visited Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The video interviews Dr. Patricia Flanagan, Chief of Clinical Affairs at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and several Health Leads volunteers who are students at Brown University. The clinic serves 1,400 families per year according to Health Leads Program Manager, Samantha Marder.