On March 15, the Skoll Foundation announced the 2011 recipients of the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, including an award of $1.2 million for Health Leads. Each year, the Skoll Foundation chooses a select group of social entrepreneurs and their organizations working around the world in the areas of tolerance and human rights, health, environmental… Read More >

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Kyle Englemann, a fourth-year Advocate from Johns Hopkins, joined Health Leads in January as our first-ever Winter Fellow, working on tracking alumni career trajectories and developing leadership training resources for our Advocates. by Kyle Englemann Getting up at 7am? To a student, brutal. Navigating a public transportation system? For a Baltimorean, daunting. But entering the… Read More >

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The Physicians Foundation has worked in partnership with Health Leads to produce a new video showcasing our work in Baltimore and the reasons the Foundation has chosen to invest in our model. Dr. Walker Ray knows all too well the frustrations that come with treating children and adults living in disadvantaged situations. “As a pediatrician, I would… Read More >

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by Anna Marie Finley, Baltimore Operations Coordinator Health Leads Baltimore recently launched a new program at the University of Maryland Medical Center in partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department’s “B’More for Healthy Babies” initiative. In 2009, 128 Baltimore infants died before their first birthday, so this city-wide initiative aims to improve birth outcomes and… Read More >

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