Champions for Change

Our work at Health Leads is grounded in collaboration, creating a powerful network for changing the way healthcare is delivered in America.

Our People

Health Leads’ early success was driven by the energy and commitment of the college students who opened the first Health Leads Desks. Today, college students remain at the core of our program, serving as Health Leads Advocates. Their work on behalf of patients and their families demonstrates the kind of healthcare system we envision: one that addresses all patients’ basic resources as a standard part of quality care. Our staff, our board, our advisors and a growing community of alumni are committed to realizing this vision.

Our Partners

Our vision for change is only possible in partnership with the healthcare institutions that integrate our model into care delivery and the universities that provide a corps of committed college students. Together with the support of a diverse group of donors, our partners are critical to our impact on patients, families and healthcare.

The recognition we receive for our work is a testament to the power of these collaborations combined with the strength of shared commitment to better health.