What We Can Learn From Third-World Health Care – Pauline Chen, M.D. reflected on this yesterday in her column on The New York Times Well blog.  She offered Health Leads and the Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment (PACT) program as “models of success” for “applying the solutions” that were learned about healthcare abroad instead of reinventing the wheel for domestic implementation.

The cover story from this summer’s Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) affirmed key learnings about healthcare in the developing world.  Rebecca Onie, Co-Founder and CEO of Health Leads, co-authored the SSIR article with Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners in Health, and Dr. Heidi Behforouz of PACT.  They assert that “for decades, several nongovernmental and nonprofit medical organizations have delivered high-quality care in some of the most challenging circumstances possible.”

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